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We help B2B technology enterprises create
high-quality content on-brand and at speed

Headquartered in Cornwall, UK, our global structure is built on the rigorous demands of content marketing. 

We work with some of the world’s largest and well-known technology brands. Our reputation is built upon a different approach to delivering marketing content at the pace our clients need it. 

We only employ skilled marketing professionals who have established a reputation for excellence and demonstrate ambition for self and collective improvement. We work hard during office hours but we all value a healthy work/life balance.

Our Principles

Part of the Team

The attitude of our people and the business model we use means that MiaB is a part of your team — an extended, augmented, outsourced support team for your marketing operations.

Technology Experts

We pride ourselves on understanding the technologies you sell. And our vertical industry focus means we understand the diverse challenges of the markets you operate in. This appreciation of the different issues in each sector makes the content we produce more relevant and elevates your reputation. 


All our consultants are seasoned professionals so there is little hand-holding. But it is critical for us to understand your strategy, services and messaging. It helps us better communicate the business benefits to your clients, such as reduced costs, increased sales, better collaboration, time saved and better customer and employee experiences.


Stripped-back structure = straightforward working


Pliable processes mean we adapt to change, so you can too.


Responsive, clear comms means you’ll always know where we are


We’re here to share the weight of your marketing, not add to it.


We’ve replaced the lengthy, costly, complex processes with value.


We concentrate on what matters: executing your marketing, fast.

Chris Quinn

Chris Quinn > Managing director

More than 25 years in B2B technology as a salesman, marketing manager and now founder of a company that makes a difference.

Craig Blackburn

Craig Blackburn > Head of Content

A quarter century in B2B journalism and technology copywriting. Super analytical. Authentically Creative. Obsessively organised.

marketing support agency
/ˈmɑːkɪtɪŋ səˈpɔːt eɪdʒ(ə)nsi/

1. a new agency model based on digital working principles which helps the marketing departments of enterprise-sized technology organisations create on-brand content to the highest standards in super-quick turnaround times.

“our marketing support agency, MiaB, helps us move in an agile way that’s rarely seen with companies their size”.

Similar: there is nothing similar.
Antonym: monolithic creative or digital marketing agency

Maketing in a Box