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Slide On-brand marketing content
for fast-moving B2B technology enterprises.
Your content to-do-list done.
Slide Every minute saved on marketing tactics gives you time back for strategy. Slide Every hour you gain is time to exceed customer expectations.
mouse Your Content Marketing Done​

Build new and existing name leads faster​

Are we right for you?

Do you work in a large B2B technology organization? Where many customers expect the fast delivery of high quality marketing content? We could be for you.​

What we do​

We help you move faster with superb copy, design and video, all aligned to your brand. ​

Why this model works​

Scale your content quicker and adapt to change faster with greater confidence in delivery, consistency and quality​

proactive and

"Chris and his team help marketers be helpful, proactive and agile in a way that is hardly seen within large, global businesses."

Dr. Christian Weichelt
VP and Head of Digital Experience at SAP Digital Marketing
brand value

​“MiaB have been key to us rebranding marketing assets, and as a result, we have realised brand value faster on our acquisitions.” ​

Sally Scott
CMO, Advanced
high-quality marketing

“Working with MiaB means we can produce high-quality marketing content faster than ever

Ivo Totev
Chief Product & Marketing Officer, SUSE
MiaB has been crucial

“MiaB has been crucial in helping us get our existing and new materials on point, with the right message, look, and tone of voice.”

Julie Knight
CMO, Unit4

Adapt to change and scale at speed

10-Computer Game

Supporting your marketing operations

On-brand copy, design and video

marketing support agency
/ˈmɑːkɪtɪŋ səˈpɔːt eɪdʒ(ə)nsi/

1. a new agency model based on digital working principles which helps the marketing departments of enterprise-sized technology organisations create on-brand content to the highest standards in super-quick turnaround times.

“our marketing support agency, MiaB, helps us move in an agile way that’s rarely seen with companies their size”.

Similar: there is nothing similar.
Antonym: monolithic creative or digital marketing agency



Stripped-back structure = straightforward working


Pliable processes mean we adapt to change, so you can too.


Responsive, clear comms means you’ll always know where we are


We’re here to share the weight of your marketing, not add to it.


We’ve replaced the lengthy, costly, complex processes with value.


We concentrate on what matters: executing your marketing, fast.


The first marketing support agency for fast-moving B2B technology enterprises. 
All your content done:



We articulate your complex messages through simple words to captivate your targeted audiences. We create any form of written content for you, from a 75-character header to a 2,000-word white paper.

23-Content Marketing


Slide decks, infographics, event graphics, social media images, document templates, case studies, whitepapers, brochures, web banners... any branded sales & marketing collateral or documents.

11-Video Marketing


Easy-to-understand graphics visualise your innovations, capture your key messages/differentiators, and shine a light on the benefits to your customers.

Are we for you?

Do you struggle with getting content consistently on-brand?
Do you need content edited for different regions/markets/audiences....Account based marketing?

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